Why MYS?

The Shoes signed...
...for You!

Much more than a limited edition, a customized and inimitable shoe, your SHOE UNIQUE in the world.

Are you tired of buying mass-produced, the standardized design and want unique products that fully meet your needs?

Precisely for this reason born Make Your Shoes, the company that, thanks to a great flexibility during production and assembly, is able to interact with customers recognizing an increasingly central role in the definition of the offer.
Con Make your shoes simple purchase turns into experience: first the design and the creative process, then the excitement of waiting and finally the satisfaction of having been able to express their personality; creating a special and unique product or a tailored gift with a deeper meaning. The clothing, you know, says a lot about us, sometimes just looking at your shoes you can figure out who we are. So what better way to express themselves other than through a custom shoe?!

Your ideas, images, photos, your style: choose the features tailored for your needs and designs together with our design YOUR MODEL ONLY.