About Us

MAKE YOUR SHOES was founded in 2009 from an idea of T-Shirt Collection was born in 2003.

The idea is to create custom sneakers, while offering added value to the customer, to be the protagonist HIM. Unlike today, nobody did it in Europe, the process then it was all by design and develop ...
Everyone told us it was Impossible …

Until one day in September 2010 one of our Friends informed us of the rising trend around Los Angeles California USA.
So, I had the confirmation that it could be done and the certainty that we would do it, not only for business but for passion! from that day on we started to customize sneakers, and we have not stopped!

We have produced the first sneaker April 7, 2011 was a legendary Chuck Taylor Converse All Star, we keep it jealously, and 'the No. 1 ...

Since then began a mad dash made of experimentation and research in order to get better, because we do not love the MYS® wait

After four years we have produced thousands of SNEAKERS CUSTOM

We always work with love, with passion ... with the good fortune to have been able to work and at the same time make happy thousands of our customers around the world.

Today MYS® can count on the support of the sneakers industry leaders: CONVERSE, VANS, SUPERGA, with whom we have direct contact and access to official supplies.

Many now are inspired to us, we know…We wish you the same success…
You Do it with love, with devotion, without shortcuts, have your own style and above all ethics, this is the advice we can give.

We do not expect it'll cheer for you!